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 Wisconsin Pro-Se Divorce Lawyers

When both parties agree to get divorced, we provide guidance regarding the divorce process and the we provide the necessary paperwork to couples interested in obtaining a divorce or separation.  We provide couples with the option of going through the process in an amicable and fair manner by offering  personal, caring, and confidential support through the entire divorce or separation process.

We help you understand what is required to file a stipulated divorce. We take you through the decisions you need to make so we can prepare your documents. We give you the instructions you need to handle your divorce. You and your spouse maintain control of the entire process outside of the Court proceedings. It is your responsibility to fill out the financial disclosure form, obtain the required information, and make the decisions.

Guiding You Through the Divorce Process

In Wisconsin, parties are allowed to represent themselves on what is called a “pro-se” basis.

Pro-Se is a Latin term that means “for self” or “in one’s own behalf.” Because Wisconsin is a No-fault divorce state, people can legally represent themselves in their own divorce because it is no longer necessary to prove that one party in the marriage did something to destroy the marriage. The only ground for divorce in Wisconsin is that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

Anyone who meets the residency requirements of Wisconsin is eligible and only one of the parties needs to meet those requirements. To be eligible, one of the divorcing parties must have resided in the state of Wisconsin for six months and lived in the same Wisconsin county for 30 (thirty) days.

Our “pro-se” divorce attorneys prepare and review “pro-se” paperwork for you to use. Each divorce or legal separation action can be different, so couples must work together throughout the entire process. Please note ~ there is a difference between “pro-se” and “pro-bono.” We do not offer pro-bono services for this process.  Upon checking in for your appointment you will have made the firm but tough decision to dissolve the marriage and you will be required to pay the fee for the services that will be rendered.

Also, any divorce or legal separation may have tax consequences about which you may be unaware. You may wish to seek tax advice concerning your situation in order to avoid unintended consequences.

As Wisconsin “pro-se” divorce attorneys, our staff has reviewed over 400 stipulated divorces for residents of Outagamie, Winnebago, Brown and Shawano Counties.  We have the experience and compassion to help you and your spouse start a new life.

 How We Help

Why use Law Office of Robert J. Sisson for a pro-se divorce? One of the best reasons is the low cost. We offer:

•Guidance through all paperwork,

•Service to residents in all counties in the State of Wisconsin,

•Confidential,  caring and professional service,

•An economical solution for uncontested stipulated divorces,

•Help for spouses who wish to represent themselves in an uncontested divorce, which can be much faster than a contested divorce, and

•The option to pay through a major credit card.

You are responsible for any fees beyond the preparation of the divorce documents such as the Court filing fees and any service fees. We provide services for “pro-se” quickly and efficiently. Most clients, when fully prepared with the list of documents they must bring to the appointment, are done in about a three hours. A trip to the Courthouse for filing is all that is left.  

Court Filing Fees:

$184.50 With No Minor Children

$194.50 With Minor Children

Approximately $35.00 Parenting Class (required for actions with minor children under 16 years of age in some counties).

Sheriff or Private Process Service Fees:

These fees vary from county to county and with each private process server and fees also depend on the number of attempts of service. Service is not necessary if an action is uncontested.

Our fees start at $575 per for parties without children, and $825  for parties with minor children. 


Law Office of Robert J. Sisson Law Office maintains this website to provide general information about its services. The material and information contained on this website are not intended to provide legal advice, but instead provide general information.

Note:  The “pro-se” divorce process may not be suitable for a divorce where domestic violence is involved. Domestic abuse can include physical, mental, emotional and verbal abuse.

Privacy Statement

Contact information is used only to respond to direct inquiries. At no time will your contact information be sold, traded, leased, or borrowed to third party vendors. Any information given will remain confidential with our professional staff at The Law Office of Robert J. Sisson.

 Beware:  Some of our competitors doing this type of work are not licensed attorneys. If you choose our firm to help you with your divorce, a fully licensed Wisconsin attorney will review all of the paperwork, before the final documents are returned to you.


My Approach to the Practice of Law is Client-Centered.


I am committed to helping people resolve conflicts peacefully and respectfully.

Wisconsin now provides same-sex couples the ability to get married and enjoy rights that opposite-sex couples have always had. Of course, the right to marriage also implies the right to divorce. Like heterosexual couples, same-sex couples wishing to end their marriage need the advice of a skilled, compassionate divorce lawyer.

My firm is devoted to finding resolutions for divorcing clients in Wisconsin, regardless of sexual orientation and is committed to finding workable solutions to divorce and all of its related issues for stipulated pro se and contesting parties.

The dissolution of a same-sex marriage legally is the same as it is for a heterosexual marriage. This, however, does not mean that they are equivalent emotionally speaking. In fact, same sex divorces are completely different emotionally and should be treated as such.

My legal team understands the nuances that are associated with situations of this nature and possess the sophisticated and sensitive perspective that is needed to help clients through the process as successfully as possible.

When you call this office to arrange an appointment, you will have already made the tough decision to dissolve  your marriage. We will guide you compassionately in your decision. We also offer  same-sex divorces , please call 920-993-7777.



A legal separation is a tough situation for someone to go through. There is a lot of emotions involved. They made it easier for me to deal with. The firm was timely and accurate.

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[Your firm] provided quite a service for what we paid! The paperwork was overwhelming but [you] put our minds at ease.

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My name is Nick. I’m going through a divorce and it’s a very complicating process. I contacted [your firm] to help with the divorce papers. They were very accommodating and helpful through everything. We went there and everything was done in a couple of hours. I’m very thankful for them and all the help they gave us.