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Wisconsin OWI / DUI Lawyer

Being arrested can be humiliating.  Dealing with the possibility of a conviction can be a nightmare.

We understand what you are going through, and we will be there every step of the way.

Our two attorneys collectively have more than 50 years of legal experience and knowledge gained in over 300 jury trials.  We have helped thousands of people in your situation.


Whenever district attorneys run for office, they promise to be extra tough on people in your circumstances. In fact, all the people in the courtroom – the judge, the DA, the bailiff, and others – work for the state.  The only person who is truly on your side is the person you bring with you to the courtroom – your defense attorney.

We care about what happens to our clients. When people hear about crimes, they think of statistics.  We know better.  We know our clients are human beings. They deserve to have their rights respected. They also deserve solid representation.

When we negotiate with a prosecutor, we tell them about our client.  We make sure that both the prosecutor and the judge know more about our client than our client’s criminal charge.


Whether a case involves, OWI, assault, homicide, a traffic matter, or other offense, we have established reputations among our peers and opposing counsel as no-nonsense attorneys. We do our homework.  We do not make frivolous, nonsensical arguments. Cases that should go to trial go to trial. If the client wants to avoid trial, we negotiate the best deal possible. Fortunately, we are experienced enough to know the difference.

When we represent clients, we examine all available options. Our knowledge and experience gives us the edge we need to make the system work for our clients. We offer aggressive advocacy that does not end until the final hearing.