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Domestic Violence

In Wisconsin, domestic violence charges can have serious consequences, and can range from felony to misdemeanor charges.  Possible sentences can include probation, fines, and jail time to less serious offenses to prison for more serious offenses.

In addition to these consequences, domestic violence charges may also affect a person’s life in other ways, such as the right to possess firearms, custody issues, and employment possibilities. We handle your case with compassion.

Domestic violence can include a variety of actions.


These actions can include physical abuse and assault, as well as sexual assault and verbal abuse.   Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence does not need to involve significant bodily harm.  Additionally, the police do not need to have the consent of the person who has been injured in order to make an arrest.


Domestic violence charges should not be taken lightly.

If charges are filed, or if a person suspects that charges may be filed, an attorney should be immediately consulted.

In many cases, the police want to find out more information from the accused about what has happened.  They may make comments that “these things take place all the time” or similar statements in order to get the accused person to provide information.

The police are not being friendly – they are trying to get information for the prosecution.  Their job is not to defend the accused.

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