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Ed and Joyce had some rough times during their 48 year marriage but didn’t expect their first year of retirement to end with Ed facing 120 years in prison because of accusations made by their grandchildren.  Ed admitted to the police and eventually to Joyce what he did.  Joyce knew Ed needed the best possible legal representation to avoid spending the rest of his life behind bars. She hired Sisson and Kachinsky Law Offices.

Fortunately, Ed took our advice and sought out treatment before it was ordered by the court.  By the time we eventually pleaded guilty and proceeded to sentencing, we helped Ed have a plan in place that demonstrated the community would be safe without the need for a prison sentence.

Prior to Ed’s sentencing, we presented the judge with dozens of letters to point out all the good things Ed had done during his life because  the DA  was asking for a long prison sentence. The parents of the victim asked the court to let Ed be punished and treated through probation rather than prolonged incarceration.  Ed received a felony conviction and spent several months in jail but it easily could have been much worse.

Difficult, sensitive cases require high-quality, experienced representation.  When literally the rest of your life is at stake, you need The Law Office of Robert J. Sisson.

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