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It was a second marriage for both Jeff and Connie.  Jeff’s kids, Connie’s kids, a family dog and one big happy family.  But Connie’s youngest son kept testing Jeff.  Jeff thought he knew how to handle him.  Then one day, after Connie’s son refused to do his chores after Jeff told him twice, Jeff lost it.

Jeff was arrested and taken to jail.  He found out he faced a felony for  doing  the same thing that had been done to him when he was that age.  After he got out on bail, we met with Jeff and documented the problems he had been having with his stepson.

We met with the DA and showed him the circumstances that led up to Jeff’s unfortunate incident.  We also got letters from Jeff’s employer and relatives to show that Jeff was not just another hot-tempered trouble-maker. Eventually, Jeff pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and completed a year of probation and counseling.

If you lose your cool and it results in having to go to court, call the firm that will stand by your side and protect your future.  The Law Office of Robert J. Sisson understands that it could happen to you.

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