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Battery & Disorderly Conduct

Alex came to me for help.  He was in his 40’s and his girlfriend was in her 20’s.  She had been to prison for drug offenses and addiction.  Alex was giving her another chance.  Her drug of choice was Oxycotin.  Alex knew that somehow she was getting the pills and sneaking them.  He could tell when she was sober and when she was high.  He told her to leave, and she did temporarily- for a few days.  Alex took her back.  Alex’s mother was admitted to a hospital out of town. She did not go with Alex  to visit her, as she had other “business.”  Alex knew she was going to get pills, but he had to deal with his mother’s illness.  On the way home, he left her a phone message that her things would be on the porch, for her to gather at some future point- but he had enough and she was going to have to leave!  He left town on business, only to find out (on his return) that she had beaten herself up, to go to the emergency room to get more –pain killers.  After a number of weeks, the victim “told the truth” but the District attorney did not believe her, and merely said that she “ was recanting- changing her story, because she wanted to be back with Alex.”  The District Attorney came up with an acceptable settlement offer – which would have been fine, IF my client  had done any of this, but he hadn’t, so we went to trial.  After a two day trial, and the jury deliberation of 2 ½ hrs., the jury returned with a ‘UNANIMOUS NOT GUILTY VERDICT” on all charges.  My client broke down and cried, and as we stood up- he emotionally gave me a big hug and said “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BELIEVING IN ME AND DEFENDING MY INNOCENCE!”

If you have been wrongly accused- please stand up for your rights!

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