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Tim never thought of himself as someone with skeletons in the closet, but one day a policeman visited him at work and told him that he was being charged with a burglary that happened five years ago.  A former friend of  Tim’s had  confessed to the crime and claimed that Tim helped him so that he could get a better deal with the DA.  Tim knew he needed a lawyer and a good one.  He hired The Law Office of Robert J. Sisson.

Tim’s case was a tough one.  So much time had passed that it was difficult to come up with witnesses on Tim’s behalf.  However, there was nothing to back up his former friend’s story.  We knew we had to show the DA we meant business.

As we prepared for trial, the DA realized he had problems, including a key witness who refused to return to Wisconsin to testify.  The day before trial, the DA called us to say that he was dismissing the case.

While not every case can have results as successful as Tim’s, experienced legal representation is the great equalizer between someone accused of a crime and the State.  The Law Office of Robert J. Sisson is there when you need someone on your side.

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